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What is the Alexander Technique?


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Reduce back pain, neck pain and shoulder tension.
Improve posture, coordination and balance.

The Alexander Technique uses practical thinking to coordinate postural support, movement and breathing


Most people come for lessons in the Technique because they are concerned about their posture or are in pain from their occupational activities, accidents or illnesses and need to learn to sit, stand and walk more comfortably.

Alexander Technique teachers show their clients how to prevent harmful habits and generate a better postural pattern based on the coordination of the head, neck and torso.

The Alexander Technique has been supported throughout the past century by leaders in the field of mind/body medicine, behavioral science and philosophy. Clinical studies have shown that the Alexander Technique improves breathing quality and posture and also reduces stress responses.

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Terry with portrait of F. M. Alexander (at Sotheby's Australia, Woollahra)


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